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Crystal Plastic Emulsion is a premium quality acrylic-baed paint specially designed to give a luxurious smooth finish to interior masonry surfaces, brickwrorks and wallboards. it is ahighly washable Plastic Emulsion with an added fresh lemon fragrance, its fungus resistance properties, smooth finish and logn-lasting colours make it an ideal choice for interiors.


Bare Masonry Surfaces

Bare masonry surfaces should be completely dry and free from dust, dirt and grease. Use a bleach solution to treat the surface affected by fungus. Apply Crystal Wall Sealer and allow thorough drying. Sand and dust off. Smoothen the surface by applying 2-3 coats of Crystal Wall Putty. Sand and dust off thoroughly. Allow all surfaces to dry completely prior to painting. Avoid painting when the moisture content and alkalinity of the walls is still hight

Previously Painted Surfaces
Sound Suface:

Remove unstable paint film and loose chalk by rubbing down using abrasive paper or wire brust and dust off. Prime with Crystal Wall Sealer. Fill the surace with Crystal Wall Putty if necessary.
Severely Defected Surfaces:
Masonry work is recommended to repair large crackes and holes. allow to dry thoroughly. Prime with Crystal Wall Sealer. Fill with Crystal Wall Putty. Scuff to make smooth and dust of thoroughly.


Drying Time             :Touch Dry: 15 minutes.
                                (Dependent on temperature and humidity)
                                Hard Dry:45-60 minutes.
Recoating Interval  :2-3 hours.


Theoretical Coverage :14 - 16m2 per liter per coat.
(May vary depending on the substrate conditions)
No. of Coats :3 - 4
For Optimum Results :Apply 1 Coat of Crystal wall Seater before applying
Crystal Plastic Emulsion
Refer to Technical Data Sheet for application and thining procesture.


.Stir well before use.
.Application can be done by brush, roller or spary.
.Thin (by volume) up to 50-70% with clean water for brush application,
 20-30 & for roller application & 30-40% for air spray application.
.Clean up all equipment with water immediately after use.


.Keep out of the reach of children and away from food and drink, Do not
 swallow the paint. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately.
.Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.
.Do not breathe in vapor or sanding dust. Avoid contact with eyes and skin
 When applying paint, it is advisable to wear eye protection. In case of 
 Contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plently of water and seek medical
.Wear protective clothing and mask white applying paint. Use soop and
 water to clean the splashes from skin.
.Paint must always be stored in a cool and dry place.
.Care must be taken during transportation. Always keep container in a 
 secure upright position.
.Use sand to contain any spillage. Dispose off paint in accordance with the 
 appropriate environmental Quality Regulation.
.Do not discharge into drains or envirnment.
.Does not contain any added Lead, Mercury, Chromium and Codmium
.Chemical Safety Data Sheet available on request.